The "Information Barrier" project is launched: A response to Russian propaganda

At a time when the information field is becoming an arena of confrontation, the truth needs to be protected more than ever. In order to counter the spread of falsified information and Russian propaganda, the public initiative "Information Barrier" announces the start of its activities. This project is aimed at strengthening the information space of Ukraine, spreading verified and objective information about events in the country, as well as countering false statements spread by hostile media.

The "Information Barrier" project unites journalists, experts, volunteers and activists who work on collecting, analyzing and disseminating reliable information. The main areas of activity include monitoring the information space, producing content that highlights the real situation on the ground, and conducting educational campaigns to increase the level of media literacy among the population.

Special attention is paid to the refutation of fakes and manipulative narratives that are spread with the aim of destabilizing the situation in the country and undermining trust in Ukrainian institutions. Through regular publications, press releases, social networks and cooperation with international media, "Information Barrier" strives to achieve maximum reach and impact.

Launching the "Information Barrier", we invite everyone who shares our goals to join the project. Your support and active participation can significantly strengthen our efforts in the fight for truth and opposition to informational aggression. For more detailed information about the project and how to participate, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Together we can build a strong information barrier against propaganda and protect the truth for the future of Ukraine.

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