MediaTech - Media efficiency through innovation

Objectives of the action

Democratize the ability to start and maintain publications by making internet media outlets more financially efficient, which is expected to increase independent media audience reach in Ukraine by at least 10%.


At least 100 existing or new online publications will increase their financial efficiency (reduce their costs for the technical side of their activities and increase revenues due to the availability of various schemes and funding channels)

Target groups

Independent online media outlets, NGOs.

Final beneficiaries

  • NGOs, independent authors, activists, journalists, politicians, opinion leaders, civil society actors - meaning everybody who is interested in independent media.

  • Wider Ukrainian audience - voters in Ukraine with access to the Internet, as well as all foreigners interested in events in Ukraine.

Estimated outputs

Independent, sustainable, long-lasting, cost-effective online media hosting platform which will use cutting-edge technologies to minimize costs, automate processes both in content production and in attracting funding sources. The platform will be able to serve at least 100 million users per month will have all features needed to produce contemporary online media.

Main activities

Development of an advanced web platform for publishing workflow and hosting;

Researching and media analysis in Ukraine;

Subgranting independent media outlets;


Holding a round table on the state of independent media in Ukraine;

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Digitalization of processes in large organizations

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Partnership in mobile application development for first psycological aid

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Automation of publishing processes

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