Information barrier: Countering Russian propaganda

The purpose of the project:

"Information Barrier" is aimed at countering Russian propaganda by providing objective, verified information about current events in Ukraine. The project is focused on revealing the true picture of the situation in cities such as Lviv, Kyiv and other locations of the country for international partners, humanitarian aid providers, journalists and the general public.

Main tasks:

1. Collection and analysis of information:

Receive daily updates from local sources, volunteers, and authorities to create the most up-to-date picture of events.

2. Production of content:

Creation of reliable reports, analytical materials and infographics that reflect the real situation on the ground, contrasting with the fake news of Russian propaganda.

3. Distribution of information:

Effective dissemination of materials through various communication channels, including social networks, websites, e-mail and cooperation with international media.

4. Educational activity:

Conducting webinars, seminars and trainings to increase media literacy among the population and strengthen critical thinking about the information that is consumed.

5. Monitoring of propaganda:

Monitoring the narratives of the Russian media and their allies, analyzing trends and responding to false claims with facts and evidence.

Expected results:

  • Strengthening the information space of Ukraine and its international image through objective coverage of events.

  • Reducing the influence of Russian propaganda on the international community and domestic audience.

  • Increasing the level of education and critical perception of information among the population.

  • Creation of a reliable network of partnerships between public organizations, media and international institutions to jointly combat disinformation.

The "Information Barrier" project is critically important in the fight for the truth in the conditions of information warfare, ensuring the stability of Ukrainian society and its ability to resist attempts to manipulate public opinion.

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